About Emmy

Emmy Rainwalker, LICSW, is a licensed social worker who works with individuals, families, couples. She is experienced in working with adults and children of all ages.

As a mother of two adult sons and a grandmother, she has spent many hours playing and teaching. She is skilled in areas of conflict resolution, mediation and group decision making.

Emmy has worked in hospital settings, in outpatient centers and in schools. She is a certified instructor of Hand-in-Hand Parenting and in Parent Effectiveness Training. She is also a certified teacher of Re-evaluation counseling (also known as peer counseling).

Emmy leads workshops and trainings on many subjects. Her insightful, playful presentations on parenting topics have been well received in many places in the U.S. and Europe and have been characterized as captivating, relaxed, humorous and loaded with helpful material. (See presentations and workshops.)

"I consider it an honor to work so closely with people. My work gives me a great deal of hope about the goodness of people and the world. Everyday I meet people who are deciding to change something about their lives--either internally or externally and then setting about getting the help they need to do just that. It is a constant source of inspiration."

“Becoming a parent has been the biggest risk I've ever known in my life. Nothing else has confused me, moved me, gotten me in touch with my deepest love, hopes, frustrations and joy more than raising children.”
  -Emmy Rainwalker