Children and Parents

Parents have ideas about what we want for our children. We try hard to make their lives go well, while trying to have good lives ourselves!

Children are loving, passionate, eager experimenters. All children (like adults) experience times when they are unreasonable, cannot listen or respond to others. They begin doing things that make us frustrated or angry. At times like this we are challenged. We want to treat children well and help them, but every effort we make to help seems to make things worse.

When our children’s behaviors repeatedly interfere with their ability to learn or cooperate, they can receive labels such as “learning disabled” or “hyperactive”. While some people feel these labels are useful, they can distract our attention from resolving the underlying hurt, which is driving a child to seek help by behaving uncooperatively.


Your relationship with your child is what builds your child’s intelligence, self-esteem and confidence.

Basic parenting skills, such as how to set limits while staying close to our children and how to understand our children’s behaviors are not easily available. I give concrete information to help parents with the challenging work of managing the complex relationship with your children. I help parents discover new understandings of children so that more effective approaches can be used to help them be more cooperative.

Research shows that when parents are listened to with respect, their ability to do this challenging job grows.

I believe that raising children is one of the most important jobs in any society. Parents are entitled to support for this challenging work.