Sometimes life feels challenging and we don't know what to do.
A good therapist can help.

From working with people for many years, I have come to believe that everyone is born with certain qualities, including intelligence, natural zest and a cooperative and loving nature. These qualities become obscured, or blocked, as a result of hurtful and confusing experiences, sometimes beginning early in our lives.

When our concerns are addressed in the presence of a skillful practitioner, we are gradually released from the rigid patterns of irrational behaviors, freeing our basic, loving, intelligent nature. This leads to a more satisfying life, better relationships, school or career improvements, more attention available for reaching our goals, more fun in our lives.

I have worked successfully with hundreds of people, helping them overcome anxiety, sadness, difficult relationships, the effects of infidelity, trauma, sexual mistreatment and abuse, isolation, lack of motivation and procrastination, family problems, substance use, everyday life stresses and more.

Emmy RainwalkerEmmy Rainwalker, LICSW, is a social worker in private practice, who specializes in working with adults, and couples and teaching parenting skills.

"I consider it an honor to work so closely with people. My work gives me a great deal of hope about the goodness of people and the world. Through this work, I meet people who are deciding to change something about their lives--either internally or externally and then setting about getting the help they need to do just that. It is a constant source of inspiration."