Each counselor has a unique philosophy which guides her way of practicing. It is important that you know what your counselor’s underlying beliefs are in order to decide if she can help you find new solutions to your problems.

From working with people for many years, I have come to believe that everyone (including you) is born with certain qualities, including intelligence, natural zest and a cooperative and loving nature. These qualities become obscured, or blocked, as a result of hurtful and confusing experiences, beginning early in our lives.

When emotional issues are addressed in the presence of a skillful listener, we are gradually released from the rigid patterns of irrational behaviors, freeing our basic, loving, intelligent nature. This leads to a more satisfying life, better relationships, school or career improvements, more attention available for reaching our goals, more fun in our lives.

Throughout human history people have searched for explanations of why human beings act “irrationally”. I believe irrational behaviors are driven by painful feelings of grief, sadness, anger, hopelessness, humiliation, loss, fear and worry. Some people propose that these feelings and behaviors are a result of genetic or “chemical imbalances” in a person. While all feelings have a “chemical component”, this way of thinking can distract us from learning how to resolve the painful experiences that have been stored inside each of us.

My aim is to work from a place of appreciation and respect for you, the client. I believe in the inherent healing process that each of us is born with and my hope is to be an active witness, helping you awaken your own healing capacities.

Counseling is a two-way relationship. I have studied and practiced many different kinds of therapeutic approaches, mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, meditation, and yoga and more. I am interested in your beliefs and how they influence the quality of your life. Together we will choose which modalities are best suited to your situation.

I seek to have cultural humility regarding issues of race, gender preferences (GLBTQ), ethnicity, disabilities, class issues of poverty and wealth. By cultural humility, I mean that even though I continue to study and seek out understanding of perspectives different from my own, I am open to learning and understanding more. I also work towards social justice and have a great desire for everyone to have a chance to prosper in our society.