Men and Women: Natural Allies

Men and women are more alike than different. So why does it seem sometimes that there is such a chasm between the sexes? Is there really a limit to the closeness we can experience with people of the opposite gender? What are the certain key factors that get in the way of intimacy.

This workshop will open your eyes to the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that men and women have been conditioned to interact. Participants often leave this workshop saying that they see the world in a new way. They have become more finely attuned to the awkward, limiting and sometimes hostile ways our social institutions and our families teach us about how to be with each other. Fortunately, we can learn new, more effective ways of relating that allow us to feel safe enough to operate from our own deepest truth, to recover a broader repertoire of interpersonal skills, and to form deeper alliances with members of "the other gender". This work is a significant step on our paths towards wholeness and has profound implications for world change which is rooted in flourishing relationships.

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