Ninja Moms

Do you love your son but sometimes find that his behavior troubles you?

Are you afraid that your son’s sensitivity will cause him problems with other boys?

Do you worry about aggression, or, do you worry about an absence of it?

Do you wonder how your own feelings about males will effect your relationship with him?

Do you struggle to connect with him and wonder how you can stay close to him as he grows?

We mothers love our sons and care passionately about them but often feel baffled by them. Most of us wonder about aggression or the lack of it in our sons and about how our own feelings about men affect our sons. We try to understand and stay close to them while dealing with competing demands on our time and skills. We're often confused by the male roles our sons are taught, many of which we don't like. We worry about their safety in a world which sometimes looks harsh to us as females. We grapple with play that looks like violence, but if we take their guns away, they make them out of sticks, or legos… As mothers of sons we often struggle with these dilemmas. This is a talk where mothers can gather to address the complexities, paradoxes, joys, and struggles of mothering sons. Regardless of your sons’ ages, you will be welcome in this supportive atmosphere.

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